Caroline is a multi-media landscape artist living and working in West Sussex. She is drawn to landscapes both at home and abroad and the enormous changes to her subject made by the weather, the seasons and man. By using layers, colour, collage and texture to re-enact the changes to the landscape or seascape Рshe gives the same energy to her work as those changes give in the natural world.

Drawing inspiration from her sketches, and by working in a variety of media, Caroline is able to express a feel for her subject that is both emotional and vibrant rather than prescriptive. By taking this freer approach to familiar subjects and working from feelings and emotions she is better able to achieve her desired result.

To quote a friend and fellow artist:

Caroline’s work is imbued and inspired by her many beautifully recorded sketchbook walks and observations. Her subtle pallet pays homage to the watery British climate and her love of local Sussex landscape or the West Country where she studied in St Ives. You can almost feel the wind as she weaves her way across the canvas suggesting the landmarks and undulations of the landscape experienced on her journey.

Caroline is a member of the Association of Sussex Artists and also an Associate member of the Penwith Society of Arts in Cornwall

Einstein said “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”